Thanks for checking out my Thesis Project, Travel Talk: New Paltz Study Abroad. This book features a collection of anecdotes, quotes, memories, and more from 22 featured SUNY New Paltz students who have participated in a study abroad program. In Spring 2018, I experienced 5 months living and learning abroad in London, England which inspired my love for travel and sharing stories. I chose to gather, edit, and design a book focused on these stories, aiming to collect responses of not only the good times, but the challenges, concerns, and shocks that also come along with the study abroad experience. I hope future New Paltz students can be inspired by these past students, to read firsthand accounts from both the good and bad times to gain a better understanding and perspective on studying abroad.
A big thank you to each and every student that has shared their experience with me throughout this project! I'd also like to thank the SUNY New Paltz Center for International Programs for providing the data and statistics for the New Paltz program and the support for this project.

Thank You and Happy Travels!

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